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Overwatch 2 release date is "very likely" to be during Blizzcon, according to leak

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An Overwatch leaker says that Overwatch 2 "is very likely" to release early next year. In a tweet, streamer Metro said they expect the sequel to arrive in February, coinciding with BlizzCon 2021.

Metro, who predicted the reveal of Overwatch 2 ahead of BlizzCon 2019, as well as the arrival of new hero Ashe, says that the next season of the Overwatch League could be delayed until April to ensure that it can launch with or after the new game. In turn, that would suggest that BlizzCon 2021 could feature a surprise drop of either a beta or a full release of the sequel.

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Metro's track record aside, there's some other clues that point to some major Overwatch 2 news at BlizzCon. Back in January, PlayStation Brazil tweeted and then deleted a post that "2020 will be the year Overwatch 2 comes to PS4." That was before the coronavirus pandemic forced Blizzard to delay their annual conference, which normally takes place in November, pushing BlizzCon 2020 to an all-digital event now scheduled to take place in February 2021.

Assuming Blizzard was originally planning to launch its new game at the show, there's no reason the announcement couldn't be pushed back alongside with the event itself. As has been the case at many other studios, it's also possible that a shift to remote working slowed development down, and that the team is taking advantage of a few extra months to add the final touches to the game. Either way, Overwatch fans should keep their eyes peeled for news over the next few months.

February's still a while off, so while you wait, here's our Overwatch 2 guide to what we're expecting from the FPS sequel.

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