Overwatch 2 player thinks Hero redesigns "muddy the pool on colour, silhouette, storytelling"

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Overwatch 2's heroes have a brand new look, but not everyone is a fan.

Since the launch of the original Overwatch in 2016, fans have grown fond of its cast of characters for their personalities and design, as well as their combat abilities. With Overwatch 2, Blizzard introduced a plethora of Overwatch 2 Hero changes and reworks to evolve both the look and feel of the multiplayer shooter, including a new default outfit for each Hero.

Game developer Tommy Millar has been rather vocal about his dislike for the Overwatch 2 Heroes' new designs. Recently he took to Twitter to outline how the refresh "muddies the pool on colour, silhouette, storytelling".

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Using Mei as an example, he describes how the change from the previous "plucky ice explorer" aesthetic to the new “sci-fi lady” threads “reads more Tron than ice" and says it "eliminates so much information". Similarly, he highlights how Junkrat's new cleaned-up look doesn't exactly scream explosive maniac. "The universal direction here appears to have been, 'more busy, more minutiae, more sci-fi'. For me, it only subtracts from the fundamentals,” he says.

Millar also points out how the characters are now less distinctive from each other, particularly Genji and Soldier 76. "Whilst their redesigns are still different *enough*, they've brought them closer than ever," he says. "If you were colourblind and these two dudes were at a distance, it's a bit less immediately obvious from silhouette alone."

The changes introduced in Overwatch 2 aren't only superficial; there are also adjustments to how heroes fight. This includes replacing some of their more individual abilities with generic moves that simply deal damage. Millar explains, "Brigitte, the ‘Micro Rein’ support who could shield-bash and stun those that dared get too close, reinforcing her 'reckless defender' persona, now just... does damage." Another example he gives is Sombra, whose EMP was previously used to disrupt enemies, making them easier to take out; now it simply deals damage.

Character changes aren't the only issue that fans have had with Overwatch 2. Server problems meant that many were unable to try out the free-to-play sequel at launch. Blizzard quickly issued an apology for the game's rocky start saying, "The launch has not met your, or our, expectations."

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