Overlord guide


PS3, Xbox 360, PC | Submitted by THE OVERLORD

Weapon And Armor Advice

If using the Mace upgrade, speed and damage (knockback is useless, if they fall back they have time to recover and if fighting multiple enemies your minions could chase after the enemy and leave you defenseless. Fire damage has no point if you have a fair amount of Reds) If using the sword upgrade damage and a little speed to not leave yourself open. When upgrading armor focus on being well rounded, but not as much on the mana if you have mana regeneration. Try not to use the Axe.

PS3, Xbox 360, PC | Submitted by THE OVERLORD

Strong Minion Force

Are you tired of the tedious task of filling your helmet with minions, if so then don't worry, I've got the answer. Lets start with 15 max minions try to use 10 brown and and 5 blue.

20 max: use 10 brown, 5 red and 5 green or 5 of each.

25 max: use 10 brown, 5 red, 5 green and 5 blue after that just try to use 10 of each or as high as you can get to that.

Xbox 360 | Submitted by t-man

Shutting Up The Jester Minion

Start beating up the jester minion with your sword, mace, or axe. Soon he will run away from you and stop making noise and following you around. It only lasts until the next time your in the main hall.

PC | Submitted by THE OVERLORD

No Loss Of Minions When Upgrading

When Upgrading put you minions in and press forge just before the first minion jumps pause and quit saying yes to auto-save. Wait for the writing saying auto-saved to disappear then load your file. It should be upgraded with out loss of minions.(You can only do 100 minions at a time otherwise some will die, and if after you quit you hear the noise that sounds like the plop of a minion falling in the smelter of you see one fall in you will lose that minion because the screen fades away after you quit it still goes on for about a second so be careful).

Xbox 360 | Submitted by connor gillanders

Defeating The Wizard

First he sends the minions at you defeat them and you'll notice he puts a shield up if the shield is yellow send your brown minions at him they will go through it and attack him send any other minions at him they will die it depends on the color of the shield that tells you what minion to send. When the shield is green send green minions, red then send red minions, blue can go through any shield but there attack is next to nothing when you get enough damage into him he will send hundreds of minions at you. Defeat them then he'll turn into a tornado move to the minion teleport where you will be out of reach of him then he will do the shield thing again just send the color minion at him that matches the shield color then he'll go tornado again keep doing this sequence until he gets hurt badly and all you have to to is hit him once then the game is completed.

Xbox 360 | Submitted by bloody helmet

Minion Locations

Red Minions- Mellow Hills, halfling homes. In order to get the Red Minions, which shoot fireballs at your enemies, you have to kill the incredibly fat halfling hero, Melvin. The place where you get them isn't much of a dungeon, and it is the easiest of the three to complete.

Green Minions (assassins)- Evernight Forest. The Green minions' dungeon is annoying because of all of the poison that fills the whole place. When following the green's to their hive, be sure to watch for poison coming out of the walls, and for the poison plants.

Blue Minions (healers)- Heaven's Peak Swamp. In order to get the blue minions you have to have the green minions because the blue minion dungeon is guarded by poison plants. And, in order to get to Heaven's Peak you have to have the red minions. The blue minion dungeon is probably the most annoying of all of the dungeons. The majority of the time spent in the dungeon is traveling back and forth trying to get different minion types to accomplish different tasks. And of course, this is where the Boombo birds come in to the game. they are the most annoying enemy. Just remember when in the blue dungeon, try to bring as many of the other color minions as possible, because you will need the protection.


Xbox 360 | Submitted by Aaron

Max Attributes


Forge a piece of gear without imbuing anything into it. Then, upgrade it and put as many minions into it as desired. As soon as the animation starts, but before any minions jump into the smelter, press Start to pause the game and exit. Wait for the screen to switch to where the minions are running out of the door, but do it quick. When you return, the minions will have been imbued, but will not have been taken from your supply. Use this trick to easily achieve the Ultimate gear achievements.

Xbox 360 | Submitted by wauktown

Infinite Green Minions

Viridian Caverns

So I found a way to get infinite green minions in the game without them disappearing. Before you lift the green minions hive up and take it to the portal make sure you see those 5 minions jump into their "summoning stones." When you see this don't bother with the hive and teleport to the tower using the waypoint gate right next to their summoning stones. Come back and you will see that same 5 minions jumping into the summoning stones and they will always add 5 more green minions to your army. This is a great way for people to get green minions and build up their stealth army without doing any work.


Xbox 360 | Submitted by ZombieGenocide

Fable Quotes

Sometimes when running through villages the villagers will say things from Fable. Like some women will say something like "Now there's a real hero." in the same exact way women would say in Fable.


Xbox 360 | Submitted by Iceburg


10 Wins in Pillage (30) - Win 10 ranked Pillage matches

10 Wins in Slaughter (30) - Win 10 ranked Slaughter matches

50 Wins in Pillage (40) - Win 50 ranked Pillage matches

50 Wins in Slaughter (40) - Win 50 ranked Slaughter matches

Amass Minions (10) - Harvest lots of Lifeforce

Arcanium Smelter (20) - Retrieve the most Powerful Smelter

Blue Minions (10) - Retrieve the Blue Hive

Compete in Pillage (10) - Complete a ranked Pillage match

Compete in Slaughter (10) - Complete a ranked Slaughter match

Defeat Goldo (20) - End a Hero's obsession

Defeat Jewel (20) - Steal a Hero

Defeat Kahn (20) - Get angry with a Hero

Defeat Melvin (20) - Puncture a Hero

Defeat Oberon (20) - Put a Hero to sleep. Permanently.

Defeat Sir William (20) - Cure a Hero of life

Defeat the Wizard (50) - Defeat the 7th Hero

Dungeon Dabbler (20) - Defeat half the Dungeon Creatures

Dungeon Overlord (30) - Defeat all the Dungeon Creatures

Durium Smelter (15) - Retrieve a powerful Smelter

Full Arcanium (20) - Forge a full Arcanium set

Full Corruption (50) - Win with the blackest heart

Full Durium (10) - Forge a full Durium set

Green Minions (10) - Retrieve the Green Hive

Minion Harvester (10) - Harvest Lifeforce

Minion Hoarder (15) - Harvest a huge amount of Lifeforce

Minion Multitude (40) - Harvest a massive amount of Lifeforce

Mistress Master (40) - Fulfill your Mistress's wishes

Obtain a Mistress (20) - Get yourself a little company and some help spending your money

Power up the Tower (10) - Retrieve the Tower Heart to power up the Tower

Rebuild the Tower (10) - Retrieve a Crane to start rebuilding the Tower

Red Minions (10) - Retrieve the Red Hive

Retrieve the Food (10) - Retrieve the Food, but will you keep or return it?

Steel Smelter (10) - Retrieve a Smelter

Superior Survivor (20) - Last for 15 minutes in Survival

Survivor (10) - Last for 5 minutes in Survival

Tower Master (40) - Collect all the Tower Objects

Ultimate Arcanium (40) - Forge an Ultimately Imbued Arcanium Set

Ultimate Durium (20) - Forge an Ultimately Imbued Durium Set

Ultimate Horde (40) - Get a full Horde, fully equipped

Ultimate Steel (10) - Forge an Ultimately Imbued Steel Set

Ultimate Survivor (30) - Last for 30 minutes in Survival

Win in Pillage (20) - Win a ranked Pillage match

Win in Slaughter (20) - Win a ranked Slaughter match

Zero Corruption (50) - Win with the clearest conscience

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