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The sight of your critters scampering around the villages, crawling through every nook and cranny available is little short of hypnotic, and the sight of the little things running around equipping any item they encounter is charming. Triumph Studios has almost certainly set itself up for a bit of a fall with its assertion that Overlord contains "plenty of black humour and dark irony," but it's not without its funny moments.

Even better, when the minions come across an item they can't equip, the loyal beasts pick it up and deliver it to you in a touching act of love and devotion rarely seen in videogames. They also deliver the souls of fallen enemies to your doorstep as well - which, we'll assume, means you can store them up and summon even more minions.

Above: The main minions are these yellow critters, which can launch team attacks on enemies

Overlord is shaping up to be good fun, but doubts remain as to whether it's got enough to extend it beyond the initial thrills of controlling a pillaging army. Be interesting to see.