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Over 50 new Halo: Reach screens

If you read yesterday'smassive 2,000-word previewof the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta, you already know about all thegame-changing tweaks, twists and transformations in store for fans of the franchise. You know about the neck-snapping, backstabbing assassinations. You know about the gravity-defying jetpacks and bullet-dodging evasive maneuvers. You know about each and every one of the maps and modes that will be available in the beta starting May 3.

But did you see? Bungie avalanched us with over 50 fresh Halo: Reach images, and only a handful were included in the preview. To get an up-close glimpse at the prettier graphics, gorier kills and bigger weapons, you'll want to browse the entire updated gallery in full-screen, supersized glory.

Click below to make it happen:

Apr 22, 2010

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