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Outlast 2's release delayed to 2017 but will be "20-30% longer"

Bad news for horror fans - the found footage themed Outlast 2 is slipping back to the start of 2017. 

There wasn't a firm date before, although the Steam info page did have a 'Fall 2016' date. Now developer Red Barrels is pushing it back to 'Q1 of 2017' saying it's "taking just a little bit more time to make sure our vision for Outlast 2 is in no way compromised," adding that "we could not, in good conscience, release a game whose limits haven’t been tested to the extreme".

You can read the full statement on the game's Facebook page. In the comments Red Barrels also drop a few more bits of info, estimating the game will be 20-30% longer and definitely won't support VR "at the moment". It also confirms the game will still be stealth based and not add any weapons. 

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