Here's exactly when you can start playing The Outer Worlds

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If you want to know when you can start playing The Outer Worlds, the answer will depend on where you're playing - both in the world and on which platform. The Outer Worlds' official release date is set for October 25, 2019, but nothing can ever be that simple in this modern age of digital and physical rollouts with day-one patches. Fortunately, developer Obsidian has put out a few handy reference images to make determining when you, yes you, can start playing the game as easy as possible.

First up, here's when you can start playing the game on PS4 and Xbox One. Remember that The Outer Worlds won't have any PS4 Pro enhancements, and you'll need to play on Xbox One X if you'd like to see the cosmos in 4K on console.

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That's midnight local time for each respective region on consoles, more or less. Here are the specifics broken down for US and UK time zones: October 24 at 9 pm PDT / 10 pm MDT / 11 PM CDT / October 25 at midnight EDT / midnight BST.

Here's when you can start on PC; The Outer Worlds will be released simultaneously on the Epic Games Store, the Windows Store, and Xbox Game Pass.

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That's the same moment worldwide, so here's when it will actually happen for you broken down by time zones: October 24 at 4 pm PDT / 5 pm MDT / 6 pm CDT / 7 pm EDT, October 25 at midnight BST.

Those are all the times when you can start playing, but there will also be a hefty day-one patch to download if you're planning to pick up a physical copy of the game: it will be about 38GB on Xbox One and 18GB on PS4. Digital pre-loads will include the patch, so you won't have to worry about that. Pre-loading is currently available on Xbox One, but you'll have to wait a little longer to start pre-loading on PS4.

Make sure you check out our The Outer Worlds pre-order guide to grab your copy of the game ASAP.

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