The Outer Worlds launch trailer asks what kind of sci-fi savior or villain you want to be

The Outer Worlds touches down on our planet next week, and until then, you can let this new launch trailer demonstrate the simple joys of shaking down a merchant for their giant "Man in the Moon" helmet. The trailer blends cinematic cutscenes with in-game action, offering potential players some new looks at the game's neo-western style and first-person RPG substance.

The Outer Worlds is the first new shooter-style game from developer Obsidian since Fallout: New Vegas, and while the studio has made it clear that this game isn't trying to be New Vegas in space - its worlds are smaller and more directed than the sprawling Mojave Wasteland, for starters - the same darkly comedic edge is undeniable. How many games let you save hundreds of lives while living with the dark secret of that one time you killed a guy just to take his giant, glowing moon helmet? Just this one, I hope. That's a pretty messed up thing to do for somebody who acts like a hero.

The game comes out on October 25, more or less, but you'll want to consult our cheat sheet on exactly when you can start playing The Outer Worlds. And if you get your The Outer Worlds pre-order in, you'll be able to start playing as soon as possible. Still not soon enough? Well, you could always log on to Twitch on Tuesday...

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Obsidian is planning on hosting the first-ever Twitch Plays session for an unreleased game, and The Outer Worlds will be awaiting your commands. Don't ask me how a chat room full of thousands of people spamming emotes will be able to control a fairly complicated game like a first-person RPG shooter full of equipment screens and dialogue options, but it should be fun to watch the chaos in any case.

Check out 20 minutes of raw gameplay footage from The Outer Worlds if you want to see more of the game.

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