Here are 20 minutes of raw The Outer Worlds gameplay footage from Tokyo Game Show

The Outer Worlds is currently on display at Tokyo Game Show, and a Taiwanese YouTube channel has managed to get a chunk of 20-minute gameplay footage from the build. The game is apparently running on PS4, and whoever's playing doesn't give a single goddamn about the narrative, because all the English dialogue is unceremoniously skipped. That said, it's still the best representation of how the game looks yet.

It'd almost be disappointing if The Outer Worlds arrived bug-free, given how much it borrows from Obsidian's classic Fallout: New Vegas. The build on display definitely has a couple of quirks, such as when the grass just disappears at the 1:30 mark (though perhaps this is deliberate?). The facial animations are definitely far better than Fallout: New Vegas, but they're still charmingly rigid. 

The video features a fair amount of combat: if the player were of a more stealthy temperament it's possible that none of these people would need to die. As for the conversation trees, all the on-screen text is in Japanese, so I've no idea what is being selected. 

The Outer Worlds' release date is October 25 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, then in 2020 for Nintendo Switch.

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Shaun Prescott
Australian Editor, Games Group

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