Outer Wilds reveals a cryptic trailer for DLC later this year

Space exploration indie Outer Wilds is getting DLC on September 28, called Echoes of the Eye, and developer Mobius revealed a "wilfully cryptic" trailer for the expansion during the Annapurna showcase stream.

"We're very excited to officially announce that we're making an expansion for Outer Wilds," said Alex Beachum from Mobius. 

"It's going to lead directly into the existing world and narrative. If you've played the game you might be wondering how, and also why, and those are very good questions."

News of the DLC had leaked back in April but now we have a trailer and a release date. 

*Spoilers for Outer Wilds ahead*

The trailer is certainly mysterious, giving very little away but featuring planets, radio static, dark corridors, and caves, what looks like an eclipse, and some very ominous machinery. As the original game ended with a Big Bang and a brand new universe, it's going to be interesting to see how the expansion will work, with the name suggesting a connection to a key location in the original game, the Eye of the Universe. Of course, you can get away with almost any plot twist if you throw the word quantum somewhere in the explanation...

In a cruel act of trolling, news of the new expansion is delivered from in front of a noticeboard covered in teases that may or may not hint at the contents of Echoes of the Eye. Among the notes scrawled on post-its are references to mantis people, a black hole sun, flat heart theory, the bramble-pocalypse, and playing as the Nomai Solanum. Fingers crossed for the mantis people. 

Beachum also confirmed that Mobius was still working on a Nintendo Switch version of the original game.

Outer Wilds was originally released in 2019 and won the Golden Joystick for Best Indie that same year, as well as three BAFTAs in 2020. 

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Rachel Weber
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