Outcasts Episode 1.03 - TV Review


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There’s a storm brewing. CONTAINS DETAILED SPOILERS

Writer: Ben Richards, Simon Block
Director: Omar Madha

THE ONE WHERE There’s a massive storm on the way, Tipper has a breakdown and the existence of the ACs is made public.

VERDICT A mainly action-led story, which is welcome, and the only terrible speech-making comes from the religious goobledegook spewed by creepy cult leader-type Julius rather than Tate (who seems to be seeing things, which could turn interesting). The storm effects are well-done – though they’re so mega you wonder how Forthaven survived at all – but it’s very hard to care about Tipper’s freak-out seeing as we’ve just met the guy.

NITPICKS Huge one, this. So a scientist on the transporter handed his wife a notebook full of almost indecipherable maths which predicts a huge storm. Most of the episode is spent trying to figure it out. Why didn’t the twit just tell her to pass the message on? Jeez louise. Also, when Tipper uses the DBV (Deep Brain Visualisation) device, how is he able to see himself ?

BAD PARENTING Fleur smuggles the AC baby back to its family by hiding it in a closed duffle bag. Don’t try this at home.

POOR SHOW A gay character is introduced and then dies 20 minutes later. If the showmakers wanted to show how un-homophobic the future is, why not make one of the main characters gay and do something audacious: keep them alive?

DIRE-LOGUE “I believe there is a universal spirit that makes the laws that decide our future.”

Lily: “So this is where the Chief of Police works.”
Stella: “Yep. Torture chambers are just down there.”

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