Oscar Isaac on why he wanted to play Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid movie

Moon Knight
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Oscar Isaac's dance card is looking pretty full. The actor is currently filming the Marvel series Moon Knight, will portray Francis Ford Coppola in an upcoming movie about the making of The Godfather, and has a role in Ad Astra director James Gray's next feature film, Armageddon Time, alongside Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway, and Cate Blanchett. Somewhere, amid all that, Isaac will play Solid Snake in the new Metal Gear Solid movie from director Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

"I just loved the game," Isaac tells Total Film when asked about his history with the video game series and what attracted him to the new project. 

"I love the feeling that the game would give me every time I’d play. It’s just a strangely isolated, mournful, lonely game to play that has these incredible moments of violence and terror, with these weird, psychedelic concepts and villains. But, yes, it’s kind of like psychedelic military horror things that happen.

"And the truth is, underneath the whole thing, it’s an anti-war story. So I think those are the elements I really love. And, like I said, I love the feel of playing it, and the big question of: can something like that be transferred – or can you explore those themes in a really interesting way – on film?"

We, unfortunately, know very little else about the Metal Gear Solid movie, though director Vogt-Roberts has previously said the movie will "create a new type of action on screen that also is based in the quietness of the stealth."

Metal Gear Solid does not have a release date. Meanwhile, Dune – Isaac's next major sci-fi adventure – is scheduled to open in US cinemas and on HBO Max on October 22. It will open in UK cinemas on October 21. For much more on the film, including interviews with all of the starry cast, pick up a copy of the new issue of Total Film when it hits shelves on now! Check out the new cover below, as well as the cover of the special supplement that comes with the issue. 

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