Open Season declared on all platforms

Before the hype machine for September's CG flick Open Season can even begin, Ubisoft is already letting people know about their video game adaptation. In the grand tradition of Ice Age, Madagascar and Over the Hedge, you control grotesquely disproportioned animals as they engage in wacky hijinks. This time, you're wild forest animals looking to give inept hunters a hard time. This from Ubisoft Montreal - yes, the same Ubisoft Montreal that creates the consistently fantastic Splinter Cell games.

Above: Delicious, uninterrupted hijinks.

By pulling pranks and throwing skunk bombs, acorns and rabbits at these hunters, big bear Boog and wiry deer Elliot hope to scare off these unwanted guests. In addition to the single player game, you'll also have a series of multiplayer minigames to share with friends.

Open Season hits theaters on September 29, but you'll find the tot-friendly game on "all available video game platforms" about two weeks before that.

April 13, 2006