One-Season Wonders 6

13 Episodes
Created by: Richard Hatem and Michael Petroni

Please allow us a moment to shed another tear at the demise of this intriguing supernatural series, which was, as is the grand tradition of such things, just starting to really find its feet when the Grim Reaper hacked them off and then kicked it in the balls just to make a point. Miracles was a spooky, thinky forerunner to Supernatural – indeed, co-creator Richard Hatem went on to work on season one of that show – focusing on Skeet Ulrich’s conflicted “miracle-debunker” Paul Callan.

Working for the church and downheartened by the lack of any real miracles in the world, everything changes when his life is saved by creepy kid and he sees the words “God is now here” written in his own blood. Which is weird, because other people around the world have been seeing the words “God is nowhere” in their blood instead…

Teaming up with two paranormal investigators played by Angus Macfadyen (a great Scot) and Marisa Ramirez (definitely not a Scot), Paul spends the rest of the show’s limited run Scullying various phenomena until it becomes clear there’s more to him than meets the eye… And thus we have an example of the worst thing about shows cancelled before their time: a cliffhanger ending. The writers tied up a lot of plot threads but we’re left desperate to know more about Paul and the weird demonic forces threatening the world. It’s enough to make you want to punch your telly, but we’d suggest tracking down the (now quite rare) Miracles Region 1 boxset instead. It’s really worth it.

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