One of last year's best indie RPGs is getting a sequel

Citizen Sleeper
(Image credit: Jump Over the Age)

Jump Over The Age announced a follow-up to Citizen Sleeper at the PC Gaming Show. The award-winning indie just came out last year, so it’s a treat that a sequel is already in development. The announcement trailer also hints at an intriguing story that builds off of the premise of the first game.

It starts with a very familiar phrase: “Wake up, Sleeper.” This time, instead of emphasizing a world of possibilities, the trailer makes it clear that Sleeper is on the run. Ethan, a hostile character from the first game, arrives on board Sleeper’s ship to eliminate them. Sleeper’s exchange with Ethan also clarifies that they still need stabilizer drugs to manage the condition of their deteriorating body. Sleeper escapes from Ethan, but not without the implication that others will probably continue to hunt them down. 

It’s unclear where Citizen Sleeper 2 will continue, considering the multiverse of possibilities that Citizen Sleeper offered in its branching narratives. Even the characters that appeared in the trailer could’ve been eliminated in one of the many outcomes of the first game. 

The first Citizen Sleeper game launched in 2022 and earned critical acclaim for its strong narrative design and story. It received nominations in most prestigious game award ceremonies, including the Game Awards, D.I.C.E. Awards, and British Academy Game Awards. Most notably, it earned the Social Impact Award at the 23rd Game Developers Choice Awards

Jump Over The Age hasn’t confirmed a release date or platforms for Citizen Sleeper 2 yet. However, it’s shaping up to be a heart-pumping story with as many tough decisions as the first one.

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