One-handed Street Fighter IV mastery

You might not know it from looking at him, but Seth "s-kill" Killian is a certifiable badass - at least when it comes to Street Fighter. Currently Capcom's senior community manager and resident Street Fighter authority, Killian's expertise with the series has won him national championship titles and the admiration of scores of hardcore fans. Those fans apparently include the designers of Street Fighter IV, who did Killian the honor of naming the game's final boss, Seth, after him.

Above: The in-game Seth appears to be an accurate reflection of Killian's outrageous skill

If you need further proof of Killian's mastery, we offer the following video. At a recent Capcom press event in Santa Monica, Killian sat down with us at a pair of networked Street Fighter IV arcade cabinets to show us how to effectively use one of the new characters, masked Mexican wrestler El Fuerte. But the real eye-opener came when, during a quick face-off against GamesRadar PC Editor Tyler Nagata, left-handed Killian picked E. Honda and proceeded to destroy Tyler using only his right hand.

Proof we don't just suck: Killian (foreground) demonstrates his one-handed mastery against kickboxing champion Cung Le

The video's a little ropey, having been taken with a handheld digital camera, and you won't see Tyler, as he's controlling Ken from a second, off-camera machine. But Killian's mad skills are plain to see, even with the crappy lighting. If you've ever wanted to see a master at work, here's your chance:

Jun 25, 2008

Mikel Reparaz
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