Okamiden releasing March 15, with same swag as Japan

Okamiden is coming to the DS on March 15 in North America, and for once Western gamers are getting everything their Japanese counterparts do. At least, those who pre-order at Gamestop will. Those impatient order-holders will receive the special Okami stylus, shaped like Chibiterasu's celestial brush, that came with the Japanese version of the game.

We've had the chance to play Okamiden at various trade shows in Japan over the past year, and judging by what's shown, it's a worthy sequel to the first game. Capcom released the game to critical fanfare (it earned a respectable 34/40 from Japanese game mag king Famitsu) in September of this year. The sales weren't too bad, either. Okamiden was the best-selling game during its first week on sale, though as is typical of most games released in Japan, it quickly dropped out of the top ten by the third week.

Nov 3, 2010