Official: Trophies, in-game XMB in firmware 2.40

After what seems like years of rumour and speculation, Sony has finally spoken about the next major PS3 firmware update. You know, the one every PS3 owner has been waiting for since they bought the console.

We all knew that firmware version 2.40 would deliver that "in-game XMB access" we've all been gagging for, so messaging and other options can be done without having to quit your game.

But Sony has also confirmed that the update will include trophies, as well as some other new enhancements. Trophies are thought to be the PS3's answer to 360's Achievements system, but Sony is yet to give specific details.

And while all this is good news, Sony hasn't revealed a time frame for the firmware's release, which was strongly rumoured to hit consoles this month. "You can expect us to share all of the official details shortly," it said.

Meanwhile, turn your PS3 on today and you'll be prompted to install a not-so-exciting firmware 2.36, which improves "system stability when playing select PlayStation format software titles". Every little bit helps...

Courtesy of CVG (opens in new tab).

Jun 18, 2008