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Observer: System Redux video shows off next-gen graphics

Observer: System Redux is an expanded and rebuilt version of the classic horror game, and we've gotten a look at its impressive next-gen graphics. 

The developers at Bloober Team have released a video comparing the 2017 game's graphics for PS4 and Xbox One to how the enhanced and augmented version looks on next-gen. Check out the video in all its glory above.

Lighting artist Tomasz Bentkowski details how the power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X have improved the quality of Observer: System Redux. "We've been able to create more immersive worlds with the new generation of consoles," he says, "Thanks to this we effectively combine an atmosphere of psychological horror and dark cyberpunk future. Skillful use of lighting made possible with next-gen technology in combination with newly available 4K textures, special effects like snow, fog, and rain, have allowed us to create a world that is even more dystopian and truly cyberpunk." 

Light isn't just used to create a stage for the horror experience, but to better tell the story by highlighting important things the player might not normally have noticed. "As a result, we've created a new level of fear and anxiety," Bentkowski promises. Great, just great.

The video is a clever comparison of the original graphics with the brand spanking new, high-quality look of the next-gen consoles. The difference is apparent and quite honestly breathtaking, with vibrant neon lights, sickly green fog, and creepy darker corners. Even if this short video already has me scared to play Observer: System Redux, I can't deny the graphics look incredible.

BTW, PS5 and Xbox Series X rumored for mid-November release and $499 price tags. 

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