Nowhere review

Fin-de-siècle LA teen malaise is explored in this surreal final part to US arthouse director Gregg Araki's trilogy (remember Totally F***ed Up and The Doom Generation?) It possesses the fragmented narrative of a pop video and, by following the crazed lives of Dark (James Duval) and his circle of angst-ridden friends, Nowhere generously serves up rape, alien abduction (involving a cameo from Shannen Doherty), narcotics, gender-bending and bulimia in hefty portions.

Although Araki is rather pretentiously trying to add meaning to a paddling pool-shallow culture, the movie's real merits lie in the striking, hallucinogenic colour and Duval's electric performance. Funky, sexy and avant-garde, here's an acid trip that'll shock you, make you cry and, most importantly, make you laugh.


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