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Someone's now recreated PT in Doom

A low-res reimagining of a scene in PT's terrifying hallway
(Image credit: Andrea Gori, GZDoom)

It's already been resurrected in games like Half-Life: Alyx, but now you can enjoy - well, as much you can enjoy anything that disturbing - Hideo Kojima's terrifying PT in Doom.

Entitled GZ PT, the mod is a homage to the original Silent Hills teaser and seems even creepier - if that's possible?! - thanks to the different perspective and low-res assets. You don't even need any Doom titles to play it (although you do require GZDoom). Here, take a look:

"GZ PT is a standalone non-profit GZDOOM-based remake of Hideo Kojima's Playable Teaser," the mod creator, Andrea Gori, says in the video description (thanks, GameRant). "While not a 1:1 remake, every sequence has been recreated as close as possible to the original, with low res assets and textures in true retro fashion. Will you manage to escape the haunted corridor?"

ICYMI, and despite some initial confusion, it seems Hideo Kojima's terrifying demo, PT, will not be backwards compatible on the PS5.

In a recent email sent to GamesRadar+, Konami confirmed that "the content will not be available on the PS Store, so users won’t be able to re-download the content through the backwards compatibility feature to the PS5." This still means it might be possible to transfer an existing file from your PS4… hopefully, anyway.

You can see PT's influence on the general gaming sphere to this day. Earlier this year, the demo was remade in Half-Life: Alyx, and dataminers are still uncovering buried secrets within the game, for example, the ghostly Lisa had some pretty terrifying off-screen antics.

For a complete walkthrough of how backwards compatible games will actually work when Sony's next-gen console launches next month, check out our PS5 backwards compatibility guide for more.

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