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Nosgoth is a F2P shooter/stalker set in the Legacy of Kain world

The Legacy of Kain vampire action series returns. Kind of.

Square Enix and Psyonix today revealed Nosgoth, a free-to-play third-person shooter set in the world of Kain and Raziel coming to Steam. The team-based online title lets players don the armor of humans armed with bows and blunderbusses, or use the unnatural abilities of vampires to kill and consume mortal flesh.

Nosgoth's combat is meant to be fast-paced and asymmetric: humans can use traps and ranged weapons to kill from afar, whereas vampires can leap, climb, and even fly to catch their prey by surprise.

Series creator Crystal Dynamics is not involved with Nosgoth or any other Legacy of Kain title at the moment, Square Enix told CVG in June. The game is currently accepting applications for its closed PC alpha and beta here.

Connor Sheridan
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