No PES 6 or FIFA 07 for PS3

Wednesday 23 August 2006
Microsoft has won a stunning 12 month exclusive for next-generation Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA games, effectively meaning that Xbox 360 will be the only console where you can play the souped-up versions of both PES 6 and FIFA 07. It's unlikely that Konami or EA would publish a year-old game on PS3 or Wii when the exclusive runs out, so it's possible that neither game will reach either console.

Current-gen releases will be unaffected, andour recent play-testactually revealed that 360 PES 6 isn't much enhanced over the PS2 version. But it's a historic precedent that could seriously damage Sony's appeal if Microsoft is allowed to repeat the trick next year. Of course, unlike Microsoft's machines, PS3 is backwards compatible - so you'll still be able to play PES 6, although not the next-gen version.

We're amazed that Konami and EA would agree to miss out on the PS3 pound, but perhaps it signals a deeper truth - that until Pro Evolution Soccer 7 there really isn't going to be a true, fully evolved next-gen football game. But what do you think? Why not release your vitriol or champion your system choiceon our forum?