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Star Wars Battlefront Supremacy matches can last 'forever' if they're close enough

A Star Wars Battlefront Supremacy mode match could hypothetically last forever, lead multiplayer designer Dennis Brannvall explained on Twitter recently. Brannvall was clarifying a post on the Battlefront blog, which stated that the objective of the the mode is "gaining control of all five [control points], or the majority of them, before the 10 minute round is over." It turns out that a match will start with a 10-minute countdown, but capturing a control point adds time. Here's Brannvall's own words on the subject:

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Battlefront has revealed a ton of modes since its initial debut, each one aimed at a unique experience. Survival (a subset of Missions mode, which features specific challenges) can be tackled solo or co-op, pitting a small number of soldiers against increasingly-difficult waves of enemies, Walker Assault recreates the kind of large-scale battles seen in The Empire Strikes Back, Blast is a 10v10 mode for those looking for a quick deathmatch skirmish, and Fighter Squadron sends players to the skies for aerial dogfights.

Ah, yes. The modes are strong with this one.

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