No More Heroes

Sept 20, 2007

Information on this pseudo-sequel to Killer7 is leaking out slower than your Grandpaadapting tocomputers. But the game's website is gradually filling up with new characters andvideos, and there's the promise of much more to come. And don't worry - it's still all looking as reassuringly nuts as you'd hope for from Suda 51.

We now know that No More Heroes', er, hero is based in a US seaside town called Santa Destroy. We pity the tour operator who has to do the brochure write-ups for locales like Body Slam Beach and Atomic Drop District. There's a motel that acts as a save point where you take dumps, but both that and the town as a whole seem suspiciously quiet - empty beaches, barren brown patches of land, roads empty save for the odd abandoned truck. Interesting, but the promise of having to actually refuel vehicles at gas stations makes us wonder exactly how realistic games are going to get before we're alternately pressing Z and A to breathe in and out.