No Man's Sky now has weekly events with sweet cosmetic rewards

No Man's Sky really turned things around with its massive Next update, which completely overhauled its universe into something that more closely resembles the lofty goals of the original open-galaxy vision. The huge content drop also brought back swathes of lapsed players eager to check out the multiplayer or reworked systems - and now there's even more reason to return with the advent of weekly events.

In its latest Developer Update blog post, Hello Games explains the rollout of the first season, which consists of eight missions that each last for a week, and can be found in the new Galactic Atlas website mapping out the Euclid Galaxy. This week's inaugural assignment is a request from Specialist Polo, which will go out to all explorers who've completed the first Space Anomaly mission. "Polo’s advanced boundary monitoring equipment has located a previously undetected iteration of the universe and they urgently need explorers to examine and explore this glitch in reality," says Hello Games.

Those who successfully complete Polo's task before the end of the week - which is currently ticking away, so get to it - will be rewarded with Quicksilver. This new currency can then be spent at Polo’s Quicksilver Synthesis Companion Bot on quite the haul of cosmetic items: six base-building parts, three decals, a new emote, and a spiffy new Sparse Horizon Helmet to add to your customization collection. Hello Games promises more ways to earn Quicksilver in the future, and if you don't care for some of the items in this week's offering, it may be worth it to save your metallic earnings for future rewards.

Weekly events can only help No Man Sky's resurgence of goodwill with players, as I've yet to meet a spoilsport who loathes the addition of free, completely optional content. There are plans to add over 50 more items over the coming weeks, so loyal explorers will be able to show off their dedication in style. Check out the full post for every bit of extra info, including choice patch notes like "Fixed an issue where freighter crew would change race on warp."

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Lucas Sullivan

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