No Man's Sky ARG points to "new experiences in a familiar universe" starting in August

Remember those mysterious cassette tapes that No Man's Sky developer Hello Games sent to community leaders back in June? After poring over the tapes, posters, and other materials sent out by Hello Games, the NMS community seems to have reached the home stretch of this ARG. And now, like a delicious pasta sauce, the plot has thickened (sorry, I'm hungry). 

After registering with a website operating under the codename "Walking Titan," fans were lead to a livestream video which, among other things, promises 10,000 applicants will be invited to check out the next step for No Man's Sky beginning July 21.

Of course, not just anyone can grab one of these special Level 4 Atlas Passes. The selected applicants will also need to complete special tasks and complete a questionnaire before they are chosen. Sounds suspiciously like a beta, right? Register, prove that you'll provide valuable feedback, and give the game makers your info. As if that wasn't enough evidence, there's also this "internal memo" which mentions the completion of "Project Walking Titan" one month later, in August.

Some are hopeful this new update will feature (or at least pave the way for) multiplayer, but the truth is we'll all have to be just a bit more patient while we wait for something official from Hello Games to be sure.

If you want to do some sleuthing of your own, might I suggest starting with how the game has changed since the Foundation and Pathfinder updates?

Sam Prell

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