Nintendo teases Namco/Sega/Capcom collaboration for 3DS

Nintendo may have used today's Nintendo Direct broadcast to warn players about the existence of a demonic Dr Kawashima, but the company also posed some head-scratchy teasers of its own in the form of a mystery collaboration between three of the biggest names in Japanese game development (via CVG). Sega, Capcom and Namco Bandai will be teaming up to create a new 3DS title, Nintendo revealed – but beyond that, it's all a bit of a mystery.

The Namco-hosted teaser site for the project revels in the total inscrutability of the whole affair: a gloved hand punches in the numbers “032760” to gain access to a cold-storage vault of some sort, containing petri dishes bearing the logos of the three companies in question. Andriasang has been translating what little text the site contains, only to find that it's basically a further tease about just how indecipherable the whole mystery is.

If nothing else, it's nice of Nintendo to give us something to start building ridiculous theories around. Translation experts? Numerologists? People who've played games by Capcom, Namco, and/or Sega at some point? We're all ears for your theories, be they ever so far-fetched.