Nintendo Switch "Nindies" will be the games that make it the perfect party system

Today, Nintendo revealed a wide selection of independently developed games coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2017. It's quite the catalogue, including eagerly-anticipated titles like Yooka-Laylee and Rime, as well as favorites like Shovel Knight and The Binding of Isaac. And these "Nindies" as they're affectionately known are going to be vital going forward.

Look at the local multiplayer games in this graphic:

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Jackbox Party Pack 3, Overcooked, Ultimate Chicken Horse, World of Goo, Duck Game. These are already verifiable hits at friendly gatherings, and it's these proven party tentpoles that could end up being one of the Switch's biggest selling points. To understand what I mean, let's rewind to the Switch reveal trailer:

Not many of us are going to take a single-player epic demanding of focus to the dog park. I imagine the market for athletes who take a time out from their sport for a virtual version (which means they also brought their console with them to the court) is likewise small. But Nindies mean we can actually play out one of the most chuckle-worthy scenes from the reveal: when Definitely Not Amelie takes her Switch over to Conventionally Attractive Millennial Friend's rooftop party.

No more complicated setups to lug around, no extra monitors or televisions to set up: just your Switch and some installed games and you've got a party in your pocket. Your gamer friends will appreciate the challenge of co-op in games like Overcooked while even the biggest non-gamer can appreciate the fun of coming up with clever quips in Jackbox Party Pack 3. The fact that these games already exist in the wild and have positive buzz will only help the system gain traction.

The new age of the LAN party is being brought to us by Nintendo and the Nindies. I'm so ready.

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