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Here's how to make your very own fake Nintendo NX controller

Several images of what appeared to be the Nintendo NX controller (opens in new tab) made their rounds on the Internet the past week, setting comments sections around the world on fire. Regardless of whether you approved of the design or hated it however, it's time to push the reset button button on your opinions - both sets of images are fake.

The first image to "leak," featuring a white controller with an image displayed across the screen, was nothing more than a Photoshop job from a man named David Im. The would-be controller never physically existed. You can see the proof (as well as a few Dumb & Dumber clips that really drive the point home) below:

The second set of images, featuring a black controller with no image displayed, was the more elaborate and convincing hoax. Basing his design on the white controller already making the rounds, Finnish entrepreneur Frank Sandqvist created a 3D-printed model and gave a few details about how it supposedly worked on Reddit. Like Im, Sandqvist copped to his role with a YouTube video, though it's much less of a "haha, gotcha!" and more like a tutorial on making your own.

Well, at least my hands are no longer cramping in expectation. As for an official look at Nintendo's next console, it's expected to show its face sometime this year. Until then, patience.

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