A Nintendo mashup film would be Lego Movie producer's 'Holy Grail'

Remember how The Lego Movie mixed characters from all across pop culture into a single madcap world, and everybody loved it? Roy Lee, who was a producer on the acclaimed minifigure mashup film, would love, love, love to do the same thing for Nintendo.

Speaking at the "Franchise Fever: Pursuing Ideas and Big Audiences" panel at the DICE 2016 summit in Las Vegas, Lee singled out working with Nintendo as his dream project, as reported by Game Informer: "I think Zelda, Mario, and the whole universe of characters would be perfect for a Lego Movie type of [film]," Lee said. "I don't have the rights to it, but I would love to. That would be my Holy Grail."

Honestly, it could just be a feature-length Smash Bros. cinematic and I'd probably be there on opening day. Nintendo games tend to have a lot of humor, too, which would make them well suited for a Lego Movie style comedic adventure romp. Fellow panelist Adrian Askarieh agreed that a Nintendo Cinematic Universe could be movie magic, though two of his biggest credits come from producing those lamentable Hitman movies, so he may be slightly less of a perfect fit.

Nintendo's said that it wants to get its characters in front of mass audiences more often, and this could be a cool alternative to doing typical film adaptations for individual franchises. Then again, there's a lot of ready-made appeal in a straight-up Zelda (or Fire Emblem) movie. What do you think?

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Connor Sheridan

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