Ninja Gaiden Sigma director plays on Easy

During a quick Q&A session, Hayashi hinted that the Tecmo development team are split between the three consoles in terms of their favourites, hinting a Wii game might come from one of them. In our exclusive interview below, he also revealed that his boss Itagaki is working on another game that he is very impressed by, but that he wants to let him announce that one, instead of stealing his thunder. The big tease.Still, it's good to know there's more promising titles in the pipeline from Tecmo.

Check out the interview below. And if you get bored of the talking, there's a lingering shot of the real-lifeRachel in it near the end, too. As for the game, read our new preview righthere (opens in new tab).

Above: Arguably better looking than her in-game counterpart, here's Porchiaas Rachel

Justin Towell

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