Ninja Gaiden Master Collection coming to Nintendo Switch on June 10

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection
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Ninja Gaiden: Master Edition was revealed at the Nintendo Direct presentation today, bringing the trilogy of exactingly difficult third-person action games to Nintendo Switch on June 10. 

Ninja Gaiden: Master Edition includes remastered versions of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge - the first two were themselves updated and expanded versions of the original Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden 2 for newer consoles at the time. If you missed them the first time around, the games follow Ryu Hayabusa, a ninja warrior and demon-dude hybrid who has a flashy Dragon Sword and a talent for magical spells called ninpo. 

This new Master Edition will also include all of the costumes, modes, and other DLC previously released for the games, so it really is a complete package - and the first time you'll be able to play several of these games on a Nintendo console.

"Ninja Gaiden is one of the most important and monumental titles for the Team Ninja brand, but we haven't been able to release the series title on current generation platforms, so I am very delighted to be able to release it in this format as a trilogy," said Yosuke Hayashi, chief head of Team Ninja.

The Ninja Gaiden series started as an arcade brawler before being reinvented for its 2004 return, which was later re-released in expanded form as Ninja Gaiden Black. The last all-new chapter in the series was 2014's Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, a grindhouse-action styled spinoff title starring an undead assassin, which met a largely cool reception at the time (including from ourselves). That said, Ninja Gaiden heroes including Ryu have continued to appear in other Team Ninja titles such as Dead or Alive 6.

As a special celebratory bonus in one of Team Ninja's more recent releases, Nioh 2 players can download a "Dragon Ninja" skin and play as Ryu Hayabusa from tomorrow. 

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