Nine new titles for Games for Windows

Jan 7, 2008

Nine new PC games have been added to the Games for Windows line-up, as Microsoft declares the initiative a resounding success in 2007.

Alone in the Dark, Bionic Commando, Conflict: Denied Ops, Empire: Total War, LEGO Indiana Jones, Microsoft Train Simulator 2, Sins of a Solar Empire, Space Siege and Tomb Raider: Underworld have joined to Games for Windows portfolio which now boasts over 60 titles.

Games for Windows, for those unaware, is Microsoft's grand brand plan to get behind PC gaming and give it a big shove up the videogame ladder.

Speaking about last year's claimed success for the brand, the bloke with the longest job title ever - Kevin Unangst, senior global director of Games for Windows in the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft - has said Games for Windows "truly thrived in 2007."

"We delivered on our promise one year ago to reinvigorate the PC gaming space and bring the best portfolio of games to Windows. And this is just the beginning. With our partners, we will continue to drive the resurgence of Windows-based gaming," Unangst added.

Age of Conan, Borderlands, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, The Club, Fallout 3 and Frontlines: Fuel of War are additional PC titles due this year that have jumped on the Games for Windows bandwagon.

Courtesy of CVG.