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Dueling Robins on display in Nightwing #75 and Death Metal Robin King #1 previews

(Image credit: DC)

Of all of DC's superheroes, perhaps the greatest heroic mantle in DCU mythology is Robin.

A cultural icon in his own right, the Boy Wonder half of the Dynamic Duo has been occupied by no less than four significant characters, and the short-shorts have been more by several more.

Arguably the greatest of the Robins is the original, Dick Grayson, who graduated to Nightwing decades ago but is just now getting ready to return to the mantle after a few years off due to a traumatic head injury.

In this preview of Nightwing #75, on sale October 20, Dick is in the process of figuring stuff out when he's visited by former Teen Titan team members Donna Troy and Garth/Tempest and is reminded how when he was Robin he served as the "rock" of the fledgling team.

Check out the preview pages of the visit by the creative team of writer Dan Jurgens and artists Travis Moore and Ronan Cliquet.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we've got DC's newest and hands down the most disturbing incarnation of the concept - Death Metal's the Robin King, who is in fact a Dark Multiverse adolescent Bruce Wayne if Bruce Wayne was born a psychotic murderer. 


The nasty little bugger gets a one-shot also on sale October 20 - Dark Night: Death Metal Robin King #1 by writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Riley Rossmo.

See how his sick mind works in this preview:

Finally, Duke Thomas, an almost-Robin who instead took on a whole new identity Signal, gets a back-up story in Death Metal Robin King #1 by writer Tony Patrick and artist Daniel Sampere. 

So who are the greatest Robins of all time? We ain’t even gonna try to fool ya, of course Dick is #1. 

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