Night At The Museum 2 Trailer Is Baffling

The first promo for Night At The Museum follow-up Battle Of The Smithsonian has arrived, and you can watch it below.

It’s been rescued from its original location – lodged deep within an advert for McDonald’s Happy Meals.

To avoid the sproglets in your family suddenly getting overcome with the urge for greasy nuggets, it’s presented here in full.

The film finds Ben Stiller’s Larry Daley infiltrating the Smithsonian in Washington to rescue miniature mates Octavius (Steve Coogan) and Jebediah (Owen Wilson) after they’re accidentally shipped to the institution.

Amy Adams

But he soon discovers that the Smithsonian has similar powers to New York’s Museum Of Natural History – and he’s caught in a conflict.

The sequel adds the lovely Amy Adams and the likes of Christopher Guest to the cast for this one, which makes us a lot more likely to see it. Check out our gallery of pics from the film to the right and view the trailer to make your own mind up.