Nick Setchfield's Picks Of 2009

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Nick Setchfield
SFX Features Editor

Favourite Film Of 2009
The gamble that could have phasered the franchise into oblivion. But instead it rescued us from decades of dwindling, techno-babbling mediocrity, restoring the balls, the fizz and the flash to the final frontier. So good it made me want to run outside and play Star Trek.

Honorable mentions:
Moon, Avatar

Favourite TV Show Of 2009

Event television is a played out phrase but this was the real deal. Five nights of bold, nervy high drama that kept the nation in a vice. And made in Wales. You’ll need to have grown up with the likes of Rhaglen Hywel Gwynfryn to appreciate the unspeakable beauty of that.

Honorable mentions:
Doctor Who – Waters Of Mars, Being Human

Favourite Comic Of 2009

I’m a sucker for the ‘30s dawn of Marvel (always loved The Invaders as a kid) so was on side for this from the beginning. I never imagined it would be quite this brilliant – a clever, compelling narrative from Brubaker and sublimely atmospheric art from Epting. Don’t wait for the trade – hunt this down now.

Honorable mentions:
Captain America Reborn, Fantastic Four

Personal Highlights of 2009:
* Meeting Duncan Jones and discovering that David Bowie’s son was an SFX reader. As a lifelong Bowiephile this actually burnt out crucial circuitry in my brain.

* The night of the Star Trek premiere. Though my lasting memory is Karl Urban spluttering “What the f**k is that?” (a blue marshmallow on a stick, actually) like an R-rated Dr McCoy.

* My first viewing of Avatar, as my cyncism melted away and I was genuinely transported. Cameron’s right – if others are prepared to follow the trail he’s blazed then yes, we’ve just witnessed a crucial evolution in cinema.

* Becoming an actual Marvel comics character in the pages of Fantastic Four. A childhood dream come true – even if it means my ass™ is now owned by Disney.

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