Nice House on the Lake taking five-month hiatus with a big cliffhanger

The Nice House on the Lake #6 cover
(Image credit: Álvaro Martínez Bueno (DC/Black Label))

The hit horror comics series, The Nice House on The Lake, will be taking a five-month hiatus at the halfway point of its 12-issue run. As revealed in DC's November 2021 solicitations, November 2's The Nice House on the Lake #6 will give readers a shocking cliffhanger to leave readers especially wanting more.

(Image credit: Álvaro Martínez Bueno (DC/Black Label))

A collection of the first six issues, titled The Nice House on the Lake Volume 1, is conveniently scheduled for release on March 15. It works working out well, timing wise, for the series to resume new issues on or after March 15. 

Launched on June 1, The Nice House on the Lake by writer James Tynion IV and artist Álvaro Martínez Bueno is a modern-day twist on the Agatha Christie 'mystery murderer in a house full of strangers' sub-genre of horror/suspense.In this, an eccentric and aloof millionaire named Walter has invited some childhood friends casual acquaintances to have a rustic getaway to his beautiful, secluded lakehouse in the country. As you can assume, things quickly reveal themselves to be more worrisome than they seem.

Thanks to advance praise and Tynion's recent track-record on the Batman books and a string of well-received creator-owned horror comics, NIce House on the Lake was a success even before the first issue was released - as comic shops ordered over a 100,000 copies of it, a record according to the writer.

The Nice House on the Lake #6 cover (Image credit: Álvaro Martínez Bueno (DC/Black Label))

This hiatus coincides Tynion's decision not to renew his 'exclusive' contract with DC, and to discontinue writing the ongoing Batman and Joker comic book series. The writer made the choice in order to begin a massive slate of creator-owned comics funded by a 'grant' from Substack. When that deal was announced, Tynion assured fans that Nice House on the Lake "is just getting started, and we have big plans for its future."

Tynion tweets that this break was planned "well in advance" to give the creative team time to do all twelve issues at a high quality.

The first three issues of Nice House on the Lake are available now, with future issues planned for September 7 (NIce House on the Lake #4), October 5 (NIce House on the Lake #5), and November 2 (Nice House on the Lake #6).

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