New World War Z poster brings the carnage

Michael Caine's left many a lasting cinematic impression, but his reaction to the Joker in The Dark Knight still gives us shivers: "Some men just want to see the world burn."

Now, while we can't imagine Brad Pitt's too happy about watching everything in flames, it's hard to deny it looks cool.

Yip, another poster for zombie epic World War Z is here, and it's continuing the theme of focusing on the humans as much as the zombies. After seeing trailers and posters stuffed with gargantuan zombie pile-ons, zombies attacking planes, and zombie stampedes, the teaser content is starting to shift onto the book's real appeal - the helpless people in the face of a crumbling apocalypse.

In other words, it's Brad Pitt on the back of an escape helicopter watching the cityscape implode.

Click on the poster below for a high-res version.