New trailer shows off Heroes of Ruin's heroes and ruins

Here's another look at Square Enix and n-Space's upcoming 3DS action-adventure title, Heroes of Ruin. The game looks to fill the vacancy created by a lack of Diablo-style dungeon-crawlers on Nintendo's device. From the looks of this trailer, it'll be doing it with a good solid action-battler in the mold of Dungeon Siege or Square Enix's own Final Fantasy XII.

Besides the online support offered by Heroes of Ruin's voice chat and SpotPass support, the game will also include StreetPass features which allow players to trade, buy and sell in-game items. It's shaping up as a title with the potential to provide 3DS players with a deep, long-lasting challenge. The Spring-dated game is also, you'll note, one of an embarrassingly small list of titles to let you face off against chunky-legged tribal shark-people, a genre of animals(?) sadly neglected since the cancellation of Street Sharks.