New Thief: Deadly Shadows screenshots sneak into view

Eidos have released a handful of new shots of Thief: Deadly Shadows, the third game in Ion Storm's sneaky series.

Players once again take on the role of Garrett, a master thief who is rarely seen, never caught and capable of breaking into the most ingeniously secured places. Of course, somewhere along the way Garrett inadvertently manages to rouse an ancient evil destined to crush the very city he steals from. It's always the way, isn't it?

Throughout the game you must sneak into locations ranging from castles to prisons while dodging hired muscle, thugs and monsters. A new 'body awareness' system gives you the ability to see your hands and feet while climbing walls, leaning over ledges and picking locks while the game also allows you to make use of a third-person view in addition to the traditional first-person perspective.

Thief: Deadly Shadows is due to be released for PC and Xbox in June