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When you take out a UK subscription to SFX magazine this month you'll not only save a load of money but we'll also chuck in an Eleventh Doctor DVD set

In case you’ve spent the last few months on the Moon, here are some key phrases to jog your memory: '60s America, River Song, pirates, Idris, the Flesh, Demon’s Run. Remember all that? Special features on these discs are the behind-the-scenes featurettes “The Silence” and “The Gangers”.

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: You’ll receive 13 issues per year. Minimum subscription term is 12 months. Offer only available for new UK subscribers paying via Direct Debit. In the event that the gift advertised becomes out of stock due to unexpectedly high demand or is otherwise unavailable for reasons beyond our control, we will provide an alternative gift of equivalent price and quality. Packaging may differ. Your subscription will start with the next available issue. If at any time during the first 60 days you are dissatisfied, notify us in writing and we will refund you for all unmailed issues. Offer is strictly limited to 150 copies and the gift is not included with Zinio subscriptions. Offer ends 24 August 2011.

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