New StarCraft 2 rumors arise

Rumors are circulating that Blizzard will be launching a beta for StarCraft 2 at the end of the year, with supposed game details additionally hitting the internet. It's all stemmed from an article on a Korean website called Fighter, which has been translated

According to the translation, a source involved in some capacity with the original StarCraft spoke of hearing of StarCraft 2 and that "as far as I know there will be a new race and couple additional units for each race".

Above: Starcraft: Ghost was another update that almost saw release. Let's hope things will be different

It's additionally suggested that the new race will be based on Kerrigan, with a total of four races appearing in the sequel. Blizzard's parent company Vivendi remained unavailable for comment on these rumors at the time of writing. Just so you know, we're taking the details with a very large pinch of salt.

April 12, 2007