New screens, new tone for SimCity Societies

Oct 10, 2007

A new construction set of SimCity Societies screenshots has been accompanied by some educational news about the game. EA, it seems, has teamed up with BP (British Petroleum) to educate us on climate change.

"The low-carbon electricity choices and monitoring of SimCity's carbon emissions provide an entertaining, fully-integrated and accurate look at some of the causes and some of the major solutions available to combat rising levels of carbon and to help address the threat of global warming,%26rdquo; is the word.

SimCity Societies marks something of a departure for the series. Not only is it NOT in development at Maxis, city building is now all about dragging and dropping prefab houses, businesses, corrupt police stations and coffee bars onto a map - and your culture or urban persona you create is reflected in the music and detail of your city.

Look for it on November 13.

Courtesy of CVG.