SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack coming in November

SimCity mayors will be able to turn their towns into eco-friendly tech havens or cyberpunk dystopias with the Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack. The first expansion for EA and Maxis' latest city-building sim will arrive on PC and Mac on Nov. 12, the companies announced today.

The pack will introduce new regions, city specializations, and transportations methods such as mag-lev trains. It will also add MegaTowers, which allow for multiple kinds of zones to be built atop another, stretching into the sky.

Each city will have to choose between embracing the eco-friendly, all-knowing Academy, or the consumeristic, exploitative OmegaCo--or perhaps a little of column A and a little of column B. Us, we're big enough fans of Blade Runner and giant neon skyscrapers that we'll probably tolerate smog and miserable citizens.

The announcement made no mention of increased city plot sizes, one of the more common requests from series fans. At least you'll be able to wreck it all with a giant robot attack, Cities of Tomorrow's new disaster, when you get bored.

Connor Sheridan

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