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New Returnal gameplay features deeper look at combat and roguelike elements

State of Play Returnal gameplay trailer
(Image credit: Housemarque)

Upcoming PS5 title Returnal has released a new gameplay overview trailer which features a closer look at combat, upgrades, and the game’s roguelike elements. 

Premiering at PlayStation’s State of Play showcase, the new trailer reintroduces lead protagonist Celine as she attempts to navigate the dark alien planet of Atropos. 

The trailer showcased the game’s roguelike combat system which according to the trailer, requires “Dashing and quickly maneuvering your way above and around enemies” to survive, as well as a glimpse into one of many alt-fire weapons, found in-game, which the trailer details are “great for crowd control.” 

As well as Returnal’s reward system which takes the form of devices that are placed throughout the world which aid players through the game with weapons, consumables, and upgrades that “can completely change your play style and make each cycle feel unique.” 

It also highlighted Returnal’s “deep and engaging” story which encourages players to piece together Celine’s story as they traverse through the dark, alien planet. This extended gameplay overview also contains more footage of a house that seems to plague Celine’s memories that according to the main protagonist are “corroded” with some parts missing and others that seem manufactured, and was first featured in a trailer released yesterday.

Returnal will be released on April 30, 2021, exclusively on the PS5.

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