New red-band trailer for American Reunion

American Reunion
has released a new red-band trailer, previewing a few more snippets of new footage ahead of the gang's big get-together in a few weeks' time.

This is probably the most consistently funny of all the trailers released so far, striking a nice balance between the gross-out gags and quarter-life crises.

So, for every Stifler gag about "Blowjob Lipstein", we have Kevin bitterly remarking that, "high school was awesome, then we graduated and started getting married and having kids and all that other stupid shit."

Check out the new trailer below…

Anyone else notice that "Univeral Pictures" typo? Someone's definitely getting sacked for that. Other than that, however, we'd say its a pretty solid teaser. We particularly like the way the gang find themselves in conflict with the new breed of Stiflers… and the old breed's inevitable reaction!

American Reunion
opens in the UK on 2 May 2012. Time to turn back the clocks, throw on some Blink-182 and drink a beer laced with… well, maybe not that last one.

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