New Rage trailer arrives alongside fan-pleasing goodies just in time for QuakeCon 2011

Somewhere in Dallas, TX QuakeCon is underway and the id love flows just as freely as the blood does in their titles. That makes it the perfect time for the FPS pioneer to drop what could be the densest trailer yet for its post-apocalyptic shooter Rage. It%26rsquo;s got mutants, decapitation, John Goodman, guns, driving, and explosions! Even if you haven%26rsquo;t kept up with the title, this video (titled %26ldquo;Uprising%26rdquo;) should make things much clearer%26hellip;

See, that%26rsquo;s how you make a trailer with just the right mix of exposition, horrible deaths, boomerangs, and the disfigured. To accompany the footage, id revealed that if the title's Facebook page reached 100,000 likes, the critically acclaimed Rage iPhone/iPad game would be a free download for one week. So if you have yet to download the best-looking iPhone title around, perhaps you should head to Facebook, cross your fingers, and wait it out.

Above: This iOS gem could be yours for free soon

In our last bit of Rage news, to keep the hype train rolling on the way to its October 4 release date, id is also offering Rage Avatar clothes on the 360 Marketplace. So if you want to spend real money on fake clothes (you%26rsquo;ve bought worse things over the internet) hop on Live now for these. In the meantime, we%26rsquo;ll keep you posted on what else is happening at QuakeCon.

Aug 4, 2011

Henry Gilbert

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