New RAGE gameplay trailer paints a generic 'wasteland,' gets our hearts beating anyway

This morning, Bethesda and id released a new RAGE trailer which imparts a succinct overview of the game's post-apocalyptic setting, followed by several flashes of trigger-pulling, remote-control-car-driving, spinny-blade-thing-throwing gameplay.

The Fallout/Borderlands/Mad Max/etc. setting is decidedly uninspiring (calling it 'The Wasteland' almost seems like an intentional joke), but the world's id-Tech-5-powered vibrancy, the quality of id's character designs and animations, and the promise of shooting stuff in the head and driving buggies through explosions all holds our interest more than well enough:

RAGE is scheduled to release September of this year (the 13th in North America, 15th in Europe), and you can expect to see a helluva lot more of it in the coming months - id and Bethesda aren't just seeking commercial success for the game, they're also banking on the industry success of the engine. They've clearly already stepped up the game's marketing push, as obviously evidenced by the look of our site at the moment.

We expect to see more of RAGE at PAX East next month, but until then, check out our most recent preview.

Feb 17, 2011

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer