New Quake Wars location revealed

Tuesday 20 June 2006
This fresh image of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars reveals a cramped new city location for the objective-based team-play shooter called Ghost Town, and it's dramatically different to the wide open terrain we've fought over before.

You'll have to take extra care while bombing through these wreckage-strewn streets on a super-powered quad bike, and the abundance of hard cover will make for some hard-fought shoot outs. Take a look below for our personal points of interest.

  1. Sticking together and working well as a squad will be crucial in this cramped environment
  2. Strogg oppressors can take advantage of their jump-packs to reach elevated positions
  3. The Ghost Town environment, scattered with debris, will demand a different style of attack
  4. There might be plenty of cover to hide behind, but don't forget to watch the skies
  5. This Strogg technician can 'stroggify' a human corpse and create a spawn-point

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